Saturday, February 9, 2008

Authors We Enjoy

There are so many good books out there that sometimes it is hard to find some thing good to read to the kids. So I decided to post a list of our all-time favorite authors for Pre-K to 3rd grade.

1. Jan Brett--We can read her books over and over again. The pictures and stories are so much fun. We really like those set in the snowy regions.

2. Elsa Beskow--Beautiful books and beautiful imaginative stories that appeal the imagination of young children.

3. Reg Down--The Tiptoes Lightly stories are delightful and so much fun to read.

4. Dr. Suess--These stories are fun and tickle the senses.

5. Mercer Mayer Little Critter books--I loved these as a child and find them delighful life lesson books for my children today.

6. Marc Brown--The Arthur books teach all kinds of lessons about family, friends and life in a fun way. Great for second grade.

7. Demi--I love her versions of fairy and fold tales from around the world. She also does biographies but I only liked some of these as she draws from unfamiliar sources.

8. Richard Scarry--His "word" books are great for beginning readers and some of the stories are fun. I loved him as a child and my children have enjoyed his books as well.

9. Rosemary Wells--We really like the Max and Ruby books.

10. Stuart J. Murphy--We love his Mathstart books because they are fun introductions to new math topics.

This is just a top ten off the top of my head of authors that we really enjoy here.


Tonia said...

Great list! Aren't kids books fun?

CloseAcademy said...

Yes, we really enjoy reading together.

Thanks for stopping by.

LisaWA said...

This is a good list! I would agree with it! We re read one of Demi's books a few weeks ago in TOG. It was Buddah stories. I (we)love it.


my5wolfcubs said...

The only authors I'm not familiar with are Elsa Beskow and Reg Down...must go check the library! Thanks for a great top 10 list -- these are some of our favorites too!!

CloseAcademy said...

Reg Down is relatively new and has 4 books out and a website at

Elsa Beskow is a turn of the century author of children's books and she is from Europe and I believe most of her books were first published in German. They are almost like fairy tales but they are beautiful and imaginative.

Hope you find some new treasures.


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