Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Would You Pay Someone To:

Come into your home and organize your classroom, set up daily or weekly lessons plans, give you ideas to liven up your curriculum and talk to you every week to encourage you and inspire you to do your best in your homeschool?

I am looking at starting a business where I would go into homes and help to organize the classroom, curriculum and supplies so that the school runs more efficiently. From talking to other moms, I have found a lot of people have trouble with organization.

Also, I am looking at helping people set up schedules or routines and write up daily or weekly lesson plans for their curriculum so that they can have fun things to do as well as their book work. Another place I see a lot of moms struggle is in getting a good schedule together so that they can get in all that they need or want to do in a day or week.

I would also talk with the families once a week or every other week and encourage them to stick to their schedule and help them trouble-shoot when life interferes.

Locally, where I live I would work with mom's on organization and personalized lesson plans but I am thinking of expanding the lesson plans and scheduling help country-wide and working with people over the phone or Internet to help them.

Is this something you or someone you know would pay for? Are you interested in these kinds of services? Contact me through my e-mail link and let me know.

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LisaWA said...

Go for it! My husband has wanted me to do this for many years now...but I just dont know "how" to get started....

I do already do what you mentioned, but via email, yahoogroups and a local event I plan... and I dont get paid for it. lol The goal would make some type if income.

I bet you could find some folks. Especially new homeschoolers! I know if I could have afforded it, I would seek a service like that.

The other thing you could think about and I have too... is.. oh I will email ya... this is becoming a book..



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