Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second Week of January Update

I have just got to say that revamping our homeschool by adding in Waldorf elements and framing all of our school work within a circle time framework has been a hit over the past two weeks.
We begin each day with our circle up verse, followed by rhythmic counting games with a small ball I felted. We've been working on counting to 20 with my kindergartner and the +9's and +8's with my second grader. After just three days she really has her facts down.
Next we do a seasonal verse and my oldest does a weather report. The forth picture is of the form she uses each day to write down the date, temperature and her weather observation. At the end of the year we are going to learn how to average the temperatures for each month and graph them.
Then it is time for math exploration. My youngest is just learning math concepts and exploring with the manipulatives. My second grader has been spending time doing scientific enquiry of number values. I give her a certain number of stone and she has to figure out how many stones and what kinds of groupings she can make with the stones and translate this to equations. The first picture is of her exploration with the number 10.
Next we get up on our feet and do some movement and stretching to another poem and then sit down to talk about phonics. This week we did the phonograms ow and th. We also review the phonograms that we have already been introduced to.
On Monday, I read the fable "The Town Mouse and Country Mouse." The rest of the week I read from the book, Tiptoes Lightly by Reg Down. Tiptoes has been a real hit around here. We were rolling on the floor laughing today at the story.
We then move to the table. My oldest worked on copywork from phonics and copied the sentences she dictated to me last week for "The Sheep and the Pig." With my youngest we worked a little in Earlybird 2a on numbers.
My oldest is working in Singapore Math 3a on place value in the 1000's. After she finishes math, then we work on language arts. On Monday, she does form drawing. Tuesday is when she narrates to me the fable we read on Monday and we talk about the 5 W's and 1 H of the story. Wednesday and Thursday she works on illustrating pictures for what she has narrated to me.
Next, we work on Minimus. We are working on Chapter 1 this month. This week we reviewed vocabulary learned last week and went over the story of the Birthday party.
On Thursdays we also do McCall-Harby's Test Lessons in Reading. My oldest is on story number 12.
It was a good week. Oh, the two middle pictures are of my daughter's interpretation of the first part of "The Sheep and the Pig."
It feels great what we are doing now. We seem to have found a balance between the Classical Education that we want and the Waldorf influence that we need. Beauty, peace and academics is what we are trying for now.
Hope your week went well!


LisaWA said...

Great week... Im so good to hear things are really falling into place at your casa! *Ü*


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week and I love that weather sheet. :)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. It has been a very nice getting back into the grove and it going so well.


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