Saturday, January 26, 2008

Did you know that I make Leson Plans?

Over on the side under my name you will find a list of lesson plan links. These are lesson plans in pdf. form that I have put up on So far, I have made plans for My Pals are Here Science 3a/b, Minimus, and put together a list of Grimm's fairly tales so that they tie in nicely with early childhood topics.

In the works is a set of lesson plans for Singapore Primary Math 1a to 3b. These will include ideas for rhythmic drill, exploratory instruction (using manipulatives to find out about math), Waldorf main lesson pages and the workbook pages scheduled over a period of 41 Four-day weeks. These periods are divided up into 10 units that are from two to eight weeks each. Look for this to be coming soon.

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