Friday, December 7, 2007

First Week of December

Yes, it is time for the Christmas crazies to begin. I thought we had done good job of keeping our schedule free and clear so we could stay home and enjoy life together--but I was wrong.


We had a nice start to the school week learning (reviewing) the sounds of s and qu, solving the riddles about the number 5 and drawing a beautiful V page in our books. We also worked on a story problem from Evan-Moor's Winter Math book for Grades 2-3 (a homeschool black Friday freebie.) I then got quite of bit of stuff done around the house.


We reviewed the phonograms a to qu, worked with the number 6 and did another winter math problem. I also spent some time cleaning out files and papers and found some resources that I had been looking for.

This was also the day we took my oldest to the Doctor for her yearly. She is healthy.


We were supposed to go to the Children's Museum to see the winter wonderland but it snowed so we stayed home rather than risk our lives against people who do not know how to drive on the snow. So we worked on the phonograms b and e and learned about the number 7.

I spent the rest of the day using those resources to finish planning our school year. That took most of the day. I think I have also come up with a nice schedule for Minimus that can be done in 12 months and one that can be done in 10. I will try to type that up and put it on Lulu over the next few weeks.


It was icy and cold. We worked with the phonograms f, h and m. We also did a page about the number 8. We have now dropped grammar and reading comprehension for the rest of the year. We will only be doing phonograms, numbers and winter math word problems.

We spent the afternoon going to the dentist in a town to the north. This was the first time I drove up there on my own (I have a fear of freeway driving--we took the road with all the stoplights.) We were almost rear-ended once but I honked my horn and she stopped in time. We got up there safely. One child had no cavities and we got a pamphlet with the other on the dangerous of soda of all kinds.

Did you know that diet soda is not good for your teeth? It is not only the sugar in sodas but the acid as well that can weaken your teeth and cause decay. We only have 6 cavities that haven't erupted yet. The boy on the pamphlet developed 16 really bad ones in only a year of heavy soda drinking and had never had cavities before. Yes, we will be eliminating this item from our shopping lists.

Today, we are going to go to our Friday playgroup at an indoor park then it is off to the library for books and the scientist program (water is the topic this month).

I hope the rest of you are enjoying the plunge into the month of December and the count-down to Christmas.


LisaWA said...

Great week though...

We had a bunch of snow, then tons of rain! It messed me up on Monday and Tuesday, but all is weel.

We are on a Holiday schedule. School ala light! *Ü*

Good to hear from you... I have not been making my normal weekly rounds.... Have a great weekend!


Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Didn't know about the acid in the soda. We've tried to give it up -- most weeks successfully -- by substituting flavored seltzer water for soda. DH has a thing for bubbles! Beautiful blog!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. The soda thing was a shock to me since I was giving it to the kids after the same dentist told me to give them sugar free drinks. LOL.


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