Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekly Update for First Week of November

It is now November. Birthdays are over and the big holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are rushing toward us. Normally, this is a very busy hectic time for us in which I make myself ill from trying to do too much. But this week we have been doing more adjustment of plans and I have enlisted the help of a homeschool consultant to help me and keep me on track and centered on what is right for my family.

So here is what we have been doing as we relax the pace of our homeschool:

Monday through Thursday we had school as normal in the mornings.

Second Grade:

My oldest enjoyed her weather center and has used it every morning as she fills out her regular weather sheets. She likes knowing what direction the wind is going in.

Copywork this week was from Bunny Rabbit's Diary. My daughter continues to enjoy rabbits and reading about rabbits. They all go through these phases, right?

Math was all about geometry. Next week we will be working with area.

We have made a decision to put Spell to Write and Read on hold for a while as it is frustrating to both of us. Her pencil phobia and my feelings of not making progress are not meshing well.

We have also decided that even though KISS grammar is doing a wonderful job it is just too overwhelming at this point in time and we are going to just use Easy Grammar for the rest of the year. Since KISS introduces all the important grammar by grade four, we can easily go back to it and run through the books when they are easier than right now when we struggle so much with the level of work.

She did her first book report on Subtraction with Puppies and Kitties. We are using the book report forms from Links to the website are along the side. The K-1 form has them write the title of the book and draw their favorite part.

We also started reading a story called the Wise Sophia in which a girl about my daughter's age goes to find out all she needs to learn. She is enjoying this greatly and we have read quite a bit so far.


We have been working on letters of the alphabet on copywork paper. Small letters and some words this week.

Earlybird math was all about who is in what place this week. I really had to teach this concept to my oldest but this one races with big sister so much that she knew all about this.

Speech lessons continue with "d" sounds. With just three weeks of working on sounds she is getting better and having less muddled middles in her words.

I have put the Rod and Staff Reading on hold. She is not ready to read and so we are going to just let her have some time to grow and mature and introduce reading when she is ready for it.

It has been a good week. One of reflection and slowing down. One in which that which was not working or was pushing was eliminated not because it was bad but because it is not right for us right now.

I believe that KISS is one of the best grammar programs out there but it is too much work for my second grader to do. Once she becomes more comfortable with pencil work, we will bring it back. I will probably leave the book laying about as well and let her seek it out when it is time.

I hope the rest of you have enjoyed your weeks and good homeschool journey to you all.


LisaWA said...

HI... we have birthdays in October too... but I think I already told you that. *Ü* I think....

It seems like a great week...

We are have unit review again this week for our TOG and then the following week end unit 1 of year 3 tog. Yeah... Im ready to move on, but we are at that time of year where I slow down and focus on Holiday things... I guess we shall see what the next month has in store for us!

Have a great week!


CloseAcademy said...

We are so ready to slow down for the holidays too. That's one of the benefits of homeschooling. To take off or relax during the times when you really need it.

Thanks for stopping by.


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