Friday, November 16, 2007

Vetern's Day Week

Yes, we have pictures this week. Maybe I can start adding more of that to our weekly updates. We have been painting this week and my older daughter did the trio of wet-on-wet watercolors you see on top. She made a rainbow, a boat with a rainbow and a forest of trees. I did not give her any ideas or encouragement. She just took the paint and paper and created what she wanted.
The second photo is of some copywork from this week. We did a line from a poem about November. I just love the copywork pages from They are so cute.
So here's our week in order of our daily schedule:
We re-introduced circle time this week. So we sat on our cushions and passed a stuffed animal back and forth for counting to 20 with my youngest. Both girls loved this because it was fun.
I also took my Spell to Write and Read (I love the rules and phonograms but keep tweaking it to fit our needs) phonograms and rules and came up with catchy sentences to help us remember them. I introduced the first one this week. An apple is crisp as angels watch over us and father leads the way. I also drew a page to go with this. I drew a red apple in the shape of a small a and wrote out apple. Then I drew an Angel in the shape of a large A and wrote angel with a 2 over the a. Then I wrote the word father and wrote a 3 over the a so we would know it says its third sound. I want to put a picture of daddy next to the word father.
During copywork time:
My youngest daughter copied as I wrote letters for her and we wrote the words apple, angel and father. My oldest wrote the November poem passage and the sentence for the letter a. She did copywork twice this week.
Next comes math:
My youngest is finishing up the Singapore earlybird 1b book and we found circles and rectangles this week. My oldest is still doing daily weather checks and worked on area. They both have a few more pages left of their math books.
I continued to work with my youngest on the letter d in speech. This week she repeated phrases and sentences containing this sound. I have seen improvement.
We are taking a break from KISS Grammar for my oldest and I will probably go back to it after we finish up the Easy Grammar book. We did 4 pages this week in Easy Grammar and we also began the progymnasmata.
Progym time:
On Monday, I read to my oldest the story of the Donkey (ass) and his Shadow. (I like the little condensed versions featured in A Little Garden Flower curriculum for second grade.) I do have the Milo Winter versions as well but they are longer. After reading the story we filled out a fish bone 5W sheet.
On Tuesday, I retold the story and asked my daughter to sum up the story in as few words as possible. This is her first composition: "They went on a long trip. Then they fought. The donkey ran away."
On Wednesday, we read the story of the Boastful Traveler and on Thursday she summed up the story as "A traveler told lots of stories." I think she can get right to the point. Now we need to work on adding in details.
It was a good week and we had a nice playdate yesterday. Next week we are taking it easy as we are hosting Thanksgiving (small crowd but still I have to cook.) But check in anyway we may get creative and the following week you will get to see more changes that are taking place at Closeacademy and I hope to have more pictures.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Tina said...

Very nice art work. Love the addition of pictures. :o)


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I hope to be adding more pictures to our weekly updates.

LisaWA said...

Yeah! Pictures! Great job! You had a good week.... Cant wait for more pictures! Its so cool to see a glimpse insideothers homeschools and families!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving week!


CloseAcademy said...

I love it when others post pictures of their classrooms and what they are doing too. I will probably add some of that as time goes by.

Thanks for stopping by.


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