Sunday, November 4, 2007

So What Did the Birthday Girls Get?

My mother, my oldest daughter and myself all have birthdays within five days of each other with Halloween smack in the middle of it all. It makes it fun but kind of a crazy time and the real kick-off to the Christmas season for us.

We usually have a party together and my daughter is the one who picks the theme. This year we had a bunny party. The cake was delicious and so pretty with bunnies and carrots all over it. I will add pictures! We invited family and several children that my daughter is friends with. There were ten children in all but one was a baby and the other was a toddler so they did not participate in the games as much.

I like to kind of direct the party and have a nice flow between active and inactive time--a left over from my exploration of Waldorf. So as the children arrived we did a craft. We made bunnies out of hearts the children colored, cut out and glued together. This allowed everyone to be introduced.

Next, we played pin the tail on the bunny. I used a coloring sheet of peter rabbit and cotton balls for tails that I marked with different colors (I still have a little sharpie left on my fingers from that.) Then I sent the children outside with silly string. They had so much fun with this and it allowed me to clear the table of crafts items and put out the cake.

About the time they ran out of silly string I called them in for cake. What kid can resist cake and ice cream? We did the birthday song, ate cake and then opened presents. What did we get?

My mother received a gift card and a funny book about Jesus.

I received a purse from China and the book, Molakai.

My daughter received:

A My Generation doll called "One Smart Cookie"
Clothes for the doll
A weather station
Crystal growing kit
A Webkinz Bunny (she and her friend can visit each other now)
Some littlest Pet Shop bunny toys
A book about Mummies
And some new sheets

It was a nice assortment and she loved them all.

We then finished the party off with a wrapping paper fight and then we attacked the pinata. The youngest went first and the oldest went last. This year it was a tough one and each child got at least one turn at the pinata. I filled it with Willy Wonka candy and plastic necklaces. After the frenzy all the kids staged a trading time to make sure they got the items they wanted.

I love birthdays. It was so much fun.


LisaWA said...

My daughter (11) has webkins too and she loves them! Im embarrassed to tell you how many she has.... every time the child has extra $$ she buys a new one.

I bought her the reindeer for her Christmas stocking already. Shhh... *Ü*

Happy Birthday to you and those in your family! My husband and mother in law, aunt and grama have birthdays in October.... my husband and his mom are 1 day apart.

Have a great week!


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. My daughter has been online all day with her bunny getting it all set up. So cute!

I think this is a great gift.


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