Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Planning in Lesson Blocks--Or Trying To

As we transition to incorporating more Waldorf influences back into our classroom, I started thinking about planning our lessons in blocks. I couldn't quite make the dive to plan to only cover one subject such as math in a month but I decided to just concentrate on one or two topics in the subjects that we deem important each month.

How did I decided what was important?

I made up skill lists. These are lists of skills/topics that are important to learn and I put them in order of how we should learn them. Then I went through these lists and decided on what we need to focus on each year.

What are the subjects covered?

Phonics/Language Arts--daily
Art/Music/Handwork--2 times per week
History--1 project/activity per week plus a bedtime book
Science--1 experiment per week plus bedtime reading

So what have we planned for our first month?

Math--Number Values from the story "The Wise Sophia", we will do number pages, riddles and counting games.

Phonics--Phonograms A to Z, we will learn sentences that will help us to learn the sounds of the single letter phonograms, I will also draw pictures for these. Older daughter will complete a page in Easy Grammar each day.

Drawing--learning how to draw with shading rather than outlining on Mondays

Painting--watercolor and color exploration on Wednesdays

Science--experiments as they come up

History--Stories about Christmas

During my weekly-up dates, I will let you know how this is going and at the end of this four-week period I will decide if it is working and if we will continue on into the New Year.

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