Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last Week of November Weekly Update

This was our first week of block scheduling. We are keeping things light this month because of Christmas. I am already seeing the stress of the holidays come out of my girls and we really have not been doing anything stressful. I guess they are worried about whether or not they are getting presents for Christmas--I told them they were and explained the true meaning of Christmas to them. We talked about how this is the time we are to think about the gift God gave us and try to be extra nice and thoughtful toward others.
So how did our week go?
We worked on the numbers 1 to 4, the letters a, c, d, g and o, made brine shrimp, and ironed crayon shavings between layers of wax paper.
What are the pictures of?
Picture number 1 is my youngest's #1 page. She drew a pony, a circle and a fish and wrote the number 1.
Picture number 2 is my oldest's #2 page. She wrote the word, number and roman numeral for 2 and the following pages. For this page she drew a line, sky & earth, and day & night.
Picture number 3 is my oldest's #3 page. She drew a triangle, a three-leaf clover, and the sun & moon & stars.
Picture number 4 is my oldest's #4 page. She drew the four directions, the four seasons and a diamond.
Picture number 5 is our crayon shavings ironed between wax paper.
Here was our lineup:
Everyday we started with circle time where we counted to 40 by 1's. Then we had number riddles to solve and worked on letter sounds.
Then we moved to the table to work on our number pages. Then my oldest would do her weather check sheet and I would work with my youngest on writing words that had to do with the letter for the day. My oldest would copy the sentence of the day that I had made that included all the sounds of the letter.
While they colored their copywork pages I worked with my youngest on medial "d" sounds. She really muddles those middle sounds but we are working on it.
Then my youngest gets to work in her special book where she chooses what pages she wants to do. And I work with my oldest on Easy Grammar. Today we also did our page in McCall-Harby's Test Lessons in Reading and despite the holiday anxiousness got a 100%.
Everyone finished up their Singapore Math books before Thanksgiving so we are just doing the number pages until after Christmas.
It was a good week and a nice start in this often stressful time of year. I hope the rest of you are having a great time as well. Saturday we start our Jesse Tree and our Advent calendars.


LisaWA said...

I remember doing crayon shavings between wax paper! 3rd grade Mrs. Grant’s class! lol How precious are those! Great stuff to save for the next 20 years and then say... remember when..... *Ü*

Yes! Christmas is upon us isn’t it! I love this time of year, but constantly have to remind myself to stay in check with priorities.... *Ü* We will have light school, with lots of baking, crafts and try to remember to enjoy ourselves in the process!


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by.

We are trying to taper things off as we get closer to the big day and do more and more fun crafts and such. Baking days are ahead of us as well too.


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