Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Week Update

Because we had birthdays and a major candy holiday all fall in the same week we decided to take it easy and do fun/free school week.


My youngest worked on the Harvest Festival Lapbook from Hands of a Child.
My oldest did a Halloween area worksheet and we attached all her leaves to notebooking pages.


My youngest worked on the second day of Harvest Festival. Leaf-matching day.
My oldest and I got online and identified most of the leaves.


I realized I left my wallet at Walmart the previous day so we got a lesson in personal responsibility and then took the day off to clean the house in preparation for Birthday parties (more than one going on here). And we got ready for trick or treating. My oldest was a bunny (I made ears out of felt and pipe cleaners and sewed a bunny tail on the back of a jumper.) My youngest was the little mermaid.


We did an overhaul of the girl's bedroom even cleaning out the closet and getting rid of all the clothes that do not fit anymore. They love it when we deep clean their room and they sleep so much better.


This is our socialization day and we had a variety of errands to run. We went to Angel Food and ordered next month's food and went through the garage sale there and I found some wonderful finds including a beautiful formal dress (read $25 to $30 dress) for my youngest in great condition for just twenty-five cents. I found some desperately needed long sleeve shirts for my oldest who does not do turtle necks as well.

Then we went to the park for our Friday playdate. We are starting to get a regular crowd who show up weekly rather than random families checking us out. We have about three to four families who show up every week so we are starting to build relationships.

Afterwards, it was off to the library for new books and Super Scientists for my oldest. This month the topic was science with food and I guess they did all sorts of experiments with food. Next month it is water.

Today is the party and so I am off to clean and decorate the house as well as wrap presents for various people in the extended family who are celebrating their birth. I hope every one had a great time this past week!


Kristiana (from WTM boards) said...

Sounds like fun!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Tina said...

Oh I hate leaving my "stuff" behind at stores... Hope you got it back. :o)

Sounds like a wonderful week!


CloseAcademy said...

Luckily it was there in accounting and my mom's gift certificate for her birthday was still stuck loose inside. So I got lucky but had a bit of calm panic for a while.

Thanks for stopping by.


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