Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taking a Latin-Centered Approach Again

As I have been analyzing what works and what does not work for our family homeschool, I am finding myself being drawn back into the methods of The Latin Centered Curriculum again. We have found that a lot of times once we finish doing the basics of penmanship, mathematics and reading that we really did not have the energy or focus to attempt science or history. So over the past few months history has been rushed and science almost non-existent.

So why, Latin-Centered?

There are a few reasons why I think this method has worked well for us in the past and is the direction we need to go in right now.

1. Drew once said at the LCC Yahoo group that about five to six subjects were the most that a person can reasonably study at a time and do a good job at it.

2. Following our interests in science and history rather than forcing studies of particular subjects and time periods works for my girls.

3. Alternating subjects such as history and science breaks things up nicely so we have time to digest ideas between lessons and we do not feel like we are racing through things but studying them to the fullest depth of interest.

4. Only reading the best books rather than all the books available gives us plenty of free time for other interests.

So how are we adapting our school to the Latin-Centered format?

We are going to have six subjects per day. These are:

Mathematics--Singapore Math
Phonics/Spelling--Spell to Write and Read for oldest and Rod and Staff Reading for youngest
Grammar--Oldest alternates KISS and Easy Grammar 2/3
Penmanship--Copywork for youngest
Composition--Progymnasmata for oldest with book reports on Thursdays
Latin--Gentle introduction for oldest using Minimus

On alternate days we will do history and science. In science we will follow our interests. For History we will be doing unit studies where one good book will be read at bedtime and projects or notebooking pages will be done during seatwork time.

Reading takes place during school time but is not considered a subject for my oldest. On Thursdays we do McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Reading.

It is my belief that a more focused but lighter load will allow us to progress in our studies more readily than trying to touch on too many different subjects each day with only a small amount of time to do so.

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