Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures of Hawai'i

Ok, you asked for it. Here are some pictures of our trip. First is our friendly Honu. Next is a cinder cone left over from past volcanic eruptions. Then we have coffee (the red berries are ready to pick.) Next is a rocky tide pool. Then it is South Point the southern most part of the United States. The wooden structure is an old boat launch but it is now used for fishing. If you were to fall in the water here the next land you would hit would be Antartica.

I think these were some of the nicer pictures we took. This weekend I hope to start scrapbooking our memories into our Hawai'i Album.


LisaWA said...

Cool! I love the sea turtle dude! Sorry... I always think of Crush from Finding Nemo when I see a sea turtle... lol

Love pictures!!!


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. We were quite surprised when the turtle decided to swim up to us at the Place of Refuge where the Kings used to land their canoes. We didn't really get to see any when we went down to the Black Sand (Punalu'u) beach where they are supposed to hang out but we got some nice pictures of this one.


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