Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mid-year Review

We are actually almost ninety days into the school year. We started at the end of May and it is time to do a review of what is working, what is not working and thoughts on the second semester.

What we started this year with:

Tapestry of Grace Year 2 with Story of the World 2 as a spine
My Pals are Here Science 3b--Finished
Singapore Math 2b
Singapore Math Earlybird
Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power
Handwriting Without Tears My Print Book
Spell to Write and Read arranged by phonogram
KISS Grammar/Easy Grammar Combo

Tapestry of Grace is wonderful but the girls are just not connecting with medieval history so we are taking a break and will restart it with the new year and unit 3. We have decided to skip unit 2 and not finish unit 1 this time around. We will probably not use Story of the World 3 or 4 at this point in time but will use D'Aulaire biographies, American Girl books and a few choice historical novels.

My Pals are Here Science 3b was great but 4a uses a lot more math skills so it is on hold right now while we explore life science using notebooking and nature studies. We recently completed a lapbook on invertebrates (pictures on the way). Currently we are studying rabbits and working on a fall leaf collection.

Singapore Math is our choice for math. My oldest is finishing up 2b and will start 3a at the beginning of the new year. My youngest is working in Earlybird 1b doing a page a day--she does not like math.

Penmanship this year started with Handwriting without Tears but has moved into more copywork. My youngest is learning letters by copying the ones I make. My oldest is copying sentences from Bunny Rabbit's Diary the book that is used as the basis for KISS Grammar workbook grade 2.

Spell to Write and Read arranged logically is working well for my oldest who is learning to get over her pencil phobia. My youngest was not working well with Spell to Write and Read so we have gone back to using Rod and Staff Reading One. We are taking it slowly take one to two weeks to do each lesson and she enjoys it.

The KISS Grammar and Easy Grammar 2/3 combo is working well. We are about ten lessons into each workbook. My oldest is getting good at finding subjects and verbs which is the KISS strong point as well as doing well with punctuation, capitalization and sentence combination which are the strengths of Easy Grammar.

The next two months are broken up quite a bit by holidays and birthdays so we will be doing several lapbooks including Harvest Festival, Pilgrims and Christmas Cheer. Be looking for the reviews and pictures to come.

Hope you are having a good year too.


LisaWA said...

Honestly... my son loved year 2 ( all of it) our first time and first year with TOG.

Last year, both my girls liked unit 1, HATED unit 2 and loved 3 and 4.

Maybe its a girl thing? Its just a dark time period (some of unit 1 too) and so much going on and religiously.... not very exciting unless you like battles, blood and castles. *Ü* my girls.... not so much.

I hope you find unit 3 and 4 refreshing and enjoyable as we did.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I think they will. We are changing it around quite a bit but still using some TOG.


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