Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our Week--Illness and Holidays

When I laid out our year this year, I decided to schedule weeks such as Labor Day week as light school weeks. So this week we did not work on Tapestry of Grace or our normal subjects. We left those books on the shelf and pulled out our review books.

What are our review books?

Well, I have taken pages from , , and then I take workbooks that I pick up at garage sales or the dollar store and pull them apart. Then rearrange them into books that I staple together. For covers, I was lucky enough to get a huge package of lime green paper.

For my Kindergartener I used the theme pages from learning page for preschool and kindergarten as well as pages from beginning reading and a few workbooks and made her books that each concentrate on one letter and one number. Because she likes dinosaurs, her books are in the dino theme.

A typical Kindergarten book is arranged thus:

Book 10--Letter J, Number 6 and Deinonychus

Deinonychus info sheet
Letter J page from beggining reading
Number 6 page
Then I alternate between letter & number pages adding in some that are review of a-j and 0-6.
And we finish with a pretty coloring page and dino cut-outs to color and glue to the cover of the book.

A typical 2nd grade book is arranged thus:

Mes-english page
math worksheet
alternated but I also add in at least 1 easy search a word, an abc order sheet, dot to dot, maze and then finish it all off with a special coloring page.

Since Monday was a holiday we had no school that day. Tuesday and Thursday we worked in our review books. Wendesday we took a field trip to the Children's Museum.

So what did we do at the Children's Muesum?

We dug for dinosaurs and asked the paleontologist questions.
We played with dams, locks and water systems.
We worked with the construction materials and moved the rocks around.
We rode the carrosel and had a wonderful day.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the Children's Museum!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. We love the Children's Museum and the year's pass is affordable so we try to go once a month. Thanks.


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