Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mini-Books: Wonder How to Make Them?

A big part of lapbooking is making mini-books of information that you make yourself so that you can read the information again and again. But how do they make those neat little books?

On my side-bar I have just added all my links for sites that have free how-tos on making mini-books. Some are done by artists, librarians, teachers or homeschool parents. There are shape books, flap books, little books, pop-up books and peek-a-boo books.

Click on some of the links and try making some intersting and fun books today. We've used a lot of these links to get ideas on the types of mini-books we wanted to use for our invertibrate lapbook we are making. Two more weeks and this book will be done and we will try to post pictures.

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