Sunday, September 2, 2007

Making Spaulding Based Phonics/Spelling Work for Us

We use the Spaulding Method of phonics/spelling. We actually use the predecessor to Spell to Write and Read called Teaching Reading at Home and School and the WISE Guide to Spelling. I believe that this method works best because it is logical and multi-sensory.

But we were getting bogged down in the lists. And then I read about All About Spelling, we really didn't want to put out more money for another program after we had been through so many so I decided to tweak SWR for us.

I went through the WISE guide lists and created lessons that grouped words by phonograms and rules so that we could concentrate on one lesson or phonogram at a time. I also built in review lessons every so often so that we would remember how to use what we have already learned.

My youngest is on our third lesson and working with almost all the letters of the alphabet learning to read and spell simple three-letter words. My oldest is on lesson 7 where she will be learning about qu. She has finished up the basic alphabet and learning when to use c, k and ck. We are really making progress in reading and spelling and I am seeing the lesson come out in other places.


Trivium Academy said...

I really enjoyed your thread about the progymnasmata, I have both the books mentioned- D'Angelo and Corbett, they are a little intimidating for me so I plan to use Classical Writing next year for 3rd grade and figure it out from there where to go.

I created some graphics for doing a weekly report, I just wanted to let you know. Feel free to use them if you want, I've got all the Weekly Reporters listed at my blog that I know of.

The "I am a Weekly Reporter" button is at
Weekly Report Button

I also created a moving gif file for each Weekly Report post that I will be using for each Weekly Report. Feel free to use it as well.
Weekly Banner

These are stored at my free photobucket account and they will not be deleted so feel free to link to it or download/upload it yourself in your own image storage.

If you know of someone that is doing weekly reports that isn't on the list I have, let me know so I can add them. We learn so much from visiting others, it's like having a weekly open house!

A former graphic designer who just can't help herself at times,
: ) Jessica

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am an English Lit major so the D'Angelo book wasn't too bad for me. I love to write!

Thanks for the banner links to. I may try them out but unlike you I am not very good navigating on the computer. I like the stuff where I can just fill in the blanks.

We all have our talents, don't we.



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