Saturday, September 1, 2007

Easy Grammar Review

We are using Easy Grammar's Daily Guided Teaching and Review for 2nd & 3rd Grades. This is the pink book. I like it much better than the more expensive books that Easy Grammar is now selling after re-doing their program. We will be spreading this book out over two years and will probably use every other book in the Daily Review series.

What do we like about this workbook?

There are only a few items to do each day and the lessons are numbered by day. There is also a nice variety of exercises. So each day we get to do capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech and sentence combining.

Why does my child like this workbook?

Because she finds it to be easy and so she can say that she is good at grammar. I have found that when we think we are good at something it is easier to learn how to do.

Overall, this is a good supplement but not a full program.

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