Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekly Update

This was Tapestry of Grace Week 6 for us. We studied Castles and Fuedalism.

Our Kindergarten program this week consisted of Handwriting without tears. My youngest learned to write small case k, l, and j. For math we learned about odds and evens. We stopped the SWR and picked up the Rod and Staff Reading 1 since she responds better to this program. We did Unit 1 Lesson 1 in the reader and the corresponding workbook pages and worksheet but we did not do the phonics book.

For Second grade:

Language Arts:

Copywork and Grammar from KISS for three days. KISS grammar is free and can be found at They are in the processes of making graded workbooks but the grade two one is ready. We took our copywork from the grammar sentences and recently just found that you can print out the stories and we will be using that for reading this year as well.

We also did two days of grammar with Easy Grammar--Days 5 and 6 and a sentence of copywork about Chaucer.

For writing, she dictated to me one sentence for each type of sentence. These were about bunny from KISS.

Spell to Write and Read this week was a continuation of when to use CK and learning about the different sounds of g and when to use that letter.


We finished up Fraction and began our unit on Time. It was a fairly stress-free math week.


We started our study of invertebrates with Protozoa and the three different types of worms. We are making a lapbook to go along with these studies.

For our together subjects:

We read Story of the World and Chanticleer and the Fox based. We also looked at the Castle book and watched the movie. We made our personal coat of arms and worked on our castle made of cardboard boxes.

For Bible, we learned about Adam's family tree and Noah.

It was a good week.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! : )

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to make the weekly check-ins a regular part of the blog.


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