Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thinking about Science

We love Singapore Math My Pals are Here Science but my oldest is not quite ready for the 4a and b books. So I talked to her about what we can do for science and showed her some of the Great Science Adventure books by Dinah Zike online and she picked the one on Insects. While waiting for the book on insects, someone on the Well Trained Mind Board posted a wonderful link This site is a wealth of resources for the Montessori way of teaching but its science section is a real treasure.

Within this site I found family trees for the Animal Kingdoms of Invertebrate and Vertebrate. And then I found they had nice little picture pages of different types of animals within each kingdom. So we decided to do a lapbook on invertebrates while waiting for the book on Insects. But we ran into a little snag--there were no pictures of worms on the site.

So I did a little digging and found two more sites has wonderful descriptions of the different types of animals.
And has some great pictures that you can click on and print out that shows how the anatomy of many different types of animals.

When we finish the invertebrate lapbook, I will try to add pictures.

Here is the Science plan right now:

This year for Second Grade: Invertebrate Lapbook, Great Science Adventures Insects (12 weeks), the Study of Fish (10 weeks), and 6 weeks on Amphibians and reptiles.

For 3rd/1st Grade: Birds and Mammals using Notebooking Nook Pages as a starting point.

For 4th/2nd Grade: Botany with Apologia and Great Science Adventures Plants

For 5th/3rd Grade: Apologia Astronomy, Great Science Adventures Space, Earth and Oceans books.

For 6th/4th Grade: My oldest will go onto General Science and my youngest will do the Invertebrate/Insect study

For 7th/5th Grade: It will be Physical Science and Great Science Adventures Light & Sound and the one on Tools and Machines

But we will see how things go. This is all just an idea of how we can do things.

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