Friday, August 24, 2007

Planning--How do you Plan and Schedule the Year?

A lot of people I talk to have problems getting started in planning their year. There are many ways to do this. You can take your local school district schedule and plan to have school the same days that they do or you can do a year round schedule.

We do year-round but how do we pick our days?

First, I take a blank 12 month calendar that fits on a single sheet of paper. Then, I figure out when our vacations are and what weeks we will not have school. These weeks are marked with "No School."

Next, I look at what weeks are interrupted by holidays and plan that these will be "light weeks." We generally go light on Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the month of December, Valentines, and a week in March. For these weeks I plan on doing some sort of themed unit or lapbook.

Once I have our weeks, I write in our assignments starting with history. We use Tapestry of Grace which is set up in 4 large units over 35 weeks. So I write in the weeks for TOG. Once that is done, I add in the writing and grammar assignments since they are linked to our history.

Then we add in math and science. Copywork and spelling/phonics are added in on a weekly basis.

Also, everything is written in pencil so that if things change--it is easy to change with it.

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