Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Why do we do Copywork?

We use copywork to help with penmanship. Handwriting books are fine for learning letters but let's admit it that the sentences are pretty dry and silly. With copywork we are able to pick nice sentences that go along with our studies or appeal to my child's interests.

How do you do copywork?

We like to use pretty papers from They have some very pretty primary pages with plenty of kittens and other forest creatures. I generally use pages that have two sets of lines. On one set of lines I write what the child is to copy. On the other set of lines the child writes. Then they get to color in the animals on the page.

Where do you find your ideas/sentences to copy?

Poetry books, Nursery Rhymes, Quote books, the WISE guide to Spelling, other people's lists and There are also some nice copybooks for sale on

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