Thursday, August 23, 2007

August is Almost Over and Planning is Almost Done

August has been a big month full of lots of planning. Planning our Tapestry of Grace. Planning our new curriculum. Planning our old curriculum. Planning our field trips and outings. Helping to plan parts of the kick-off for our local homeschool groups. Planning, planning, planning.

Now we get to do the doing parts.

So what are we doing at Closeacademy this year?

Language Arts:

Spell to Write and Read--I've arranged this according to rules and phonograms so we can work on a single concept at a time but I also have plenty of review built in.

Handwriting Without Tears and copywork from various sources including Copyscribe, Spell to Write and Read and TriviumAcademy's Story of the World 2 Copywork sentences.

Tapestry of Grace Writing--we are using levels 1 and 2. My kindergarten aged child will do level 1 again next year. My second grader is also using Easy Grammar 2/3 alternated with KISS Grade 2 Grammar Workbook which is based on the Elson Readers.


Singapore Math Earlybird for Kindergarten
Singapore Math 2a/3a/3b for Second grade


Tapestry of Grace Classic Year 2 is our guide to our history adventures this year while Story of the World 2 is our spine. We are greatly enjoying having history, geography, literature, vocabulary and composition all tied together.


Singapore Math's My Pals are Here Science 3a/b started our year. We are looking at doing either Dinah Zike's Great Science Adventures or her Big Book of Science before moving on to Level 4 of My Pals are Here.


Yes, it is true. I finally found a Bible curriculum I like. Not only do I like it but I love it and it fits perfectly with Tapestry of Grace. It is a free curriculum from Anne's Homeschool Place and we are doing Year One: Preparation for Christ. This is a three year curriculum that takes you through the Bible. So the fourth year we will be doing Tapestry of Grace Year 1 which is all about how Bible and Ancient History are tied together.

It looks to be a good year for us although it is taking about two to two and a half hours to complete our work including projects at the end of the day.


my5wolfcubs said...

Hi! I just saw that you had a blog and wanted to come visit! I will be back to read all your posts...but TOG reading is calling me!
Lee (from the WTM board)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am hoping to add more review of what we are using in the next couple of weeks.


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