Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Schedule for K and Second Grade

We will start the schoolday with Handwriting without Tears or copywork for my oldest.
My oldest will do independent work with Kumon and her learningpage book while I do singapore math with my youngest.
We will do our memory work and phonograms for the week.
Spell to Write and Read arranged by phonogram and spelling rule is next (I really want All About Spelling but made my own).
Next, we will review grammar rules from First Language Lessons but use Spell to Write and Read as our base for words and sentences. In June, we are supposed to add in Rod and Staff English 2.
The daily reading from Story of the World 2 or Story of the Pilgrims is next along with coloring pages and time for doing our project related to the reading.
Then it is time for my youngest to work in her learningpage book independently for as long as she wants while I work with my oldest on Greek, Rod and Staff's Reading Comprehension, Singapore Math and My Pals are Here Science.
My oldest will then read an easy reader or a chapter from a book.

We are all prepared and ready to go. I have our projects for the next nine weeks arranged in baggies. Coloring pages and map pages are copied and ready to go. Even our phonogram cards and memory boxes are ready for us to get started on a new year.

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Jennefer said...

Awesome! I am so motivated after reading all you have done. Thanks for sharing and blessings.


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