Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Check-up

I thought that with it being the mid point of spring semester that we would do a check up as to where we are and what we are using.

Story of the World I--we are almost finished with this and should be done by the end of April. In May we will pick up with the second book. We have been doing one chapter a week.

Beautiful Feet Early American History Primary Semester One--We are in the middle of Story of the Pilgrims and looking forward to reading Squanto. We read these on days where we don't read Story of the World.

Singapore Math 2a--My oldest will finish this book this week and then we will jump into 2b which she should finish by the end of summer. We will spend next year in level 3.

Singapore Earlybird--My youngest is finishing 1a and will start 1b in May.

Rod & Staff Math 1--My youngest is doing a lesson per week to learn topics before they come up in Singapore. She is weaker in math and needs plenty of review.

Singapore Science My Pals are Here 3a--My oldest just started and loves this curriculum.

Singapore Science Earlybird--My youngest is using this. We completed the first book and are now in the second. She has learned quite a bit about science topics.

First Language Lessons--We have been loosely doing this but are really ready to start Rod & Staff English 2. We should be able to buy our books in June.

Handwriting Without Tears-Both girls are working in their books. My youngest finished the preK book and is working in the K book. My oldest has started Printing Power but I think we will need to find a copywork book to work in for a while before she is ready for cursive.

Rod & Staff Reading Comprehension--My oldest loves this book and is learning to really listen for sounds. Spell to Write and Read taught her to sound words out but Reading Comprehension is teaching her to listen.

Rod & Staff Reading 1--My youngest is doing 1 lesson per week. She is excited about learning to read and likes the workbooks.

Kumon--We are continuing to use these books. The girls like the crafts and mazes the best and I have noticed an improvement in small motor skills.

Early Edition Newspapers--My oldest has greatly enjoyed reading these papers every week.

Elementary Greek 1--My oldest begs for lesson in Greek. She has the alphabet and sounds down. We are going to start learning words.

Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1--We have enjoyed the stories about animals and insects this year.

My oldest has also been reading level 1 and pre level 1 books. Her reading has improved greatly.

We are having a great year and are looking forward to June when we start the new school year.

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