Monday, March 12, 2007

Learning Koine Greek

Why Greek? We are learning Koine Greek so that one day we may be able to read the New Testament of the Bible in the original language. To read the words as they were first written down by those who knew and traveled with Jesus.

Also, we would like to eventually study Attic greek and possibly Homeric greek and read the great works in their original language.

How are we doing it? Currently my oldest is in 1st grade. We started by learning the letters of the alphabet using flash cards and the reader from Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

Then we started learning how to write the letters. Starting with Alpha and ending with Omega. Currently we are learning to write the letters in capital and small form, the name of the letter in Greek and then we write the entire alphabet in small form.

I am thinking that when we finish this we may be able to move on and start to learn vocabulary from Elementary Greek 1. We are taking things very slowly but my oldest daughter loves Greek and asks for lessons.

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Anonymous said...

Great things come to those who persevere. Keep the faith and maintain the discipline.

God bless!


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