Thursday, March 8, 2007

Adding Rod & Staff to our Homeschool

My youngest daughter is not like my older daughter in how she learns. My oldest wants the facts, few workbooks/worksheets and eats math for dessert. My youngest learns through stories and loves workbooks/worksheets.

So I decided to take a look at Rod & Staff materials for reading and math for my youngest and was actually quite impressed. I thought that they would be too preachy and boring. But they are actually very thorough.

My youngest already loves her ducky math. We are doing a half to 1 lesson per day and she loves the stories about the ducks on the pond and is writing the numbers 0 to 2 very clearly now after only 4 days of lessons.

She also fell in love with the readers from Reading 1. It was with great joy that she read her first word which was "God." We are taking these slowly as well doing 1 lesson per week. We did phonics activities and the workbook on Monday. On Tuesday, we did the reading workbook and Bible story and on Wednesday, we did the cut and paste worksheet. Today, we finished up workbook activities and reviewed the lesson.

I also added the reading comprehension books published by Rod & Staff to my older daughter's day. She likes them and she is understanding connection between words and sounds as well as learning how to follow directions better. We are doing 1/2 a lesson per day taking it slow and easy.

These are great materials.


Dawne said...

Thanks for sharing! We are waiting on our R&S order. :-)

CloseAcademy said...

We enjoy Rod and Staff but I find that we use it for a while then put it away for a while and then bring it back out again.

Thanks for stopping by.


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