Monday, February 5, 2007

Our Book of Time

Every five to seven weeks we take a break from our normal schedule and do some fun school activities. One of these activities is updating our book of time. What is a book of time? It is similiar to Charlotte Mason's idea of a "Book of Centuries" wherein the children put their narrations, sketches, and such that are related to the study of history in a large book where they are arranged chronologically.

You can buy books like these from places such as or where all the dates and pages are put together for you. But we decided to make our own. We used a large 3 ring binder, construction paper and notebook paper.

I three-hole punched the construction paper and put a range of times on each page. The time ranges I typed in large print on the computer and glued to the pages.

For 5000 to 801 BC we did 100 year ranges. So it is 5000 to 4901, 4900 to 4801, etc.

For 800 to 201 BC it is best to do 50 year ranges. So it would be 800 to 751, 750 to 701, etc.

For 200 BC to 1849 you do 25 year ranges. So it would be 200 to 176, 175 to 151, etc

For 1849 to present day you do 10 year ranges over 2 pages. So it would be 1850 to 1854 on one page and 1855 to 1859 on the next page.

On the construction paper we paste timeline figures of people and events we have read about. We also three-hole punch our maps and coloring pages from the Story of the World Activity Guide and put them in their places. On the notebook paper we write down the names of the books we have read about that period in time.

The girls like to look through the book and it seems to help put everthing into it's place in time.

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