Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Homeschool Resource Meme

On homeschool book you have enjoyed:

A trio really of The Well Trained Mind, Teaching the Trivium and The Latin-Centered Curriculum. The Well Trained Mind inspired me to do classical. Teaching the Trivium helped me to be able to relax and the Latin-Centered Curriculum helped me to realize that we can concentrate on only the best things.

One resource you wouldn't be without:

A small whiteboard. We have used this for Spell to Write and Read when I dictate the lists to my daughter. For writing out math problems when the print in the text is too small for little hands we are mentally ready to do re-grouping problems. And so much more.

One resource you wish you had never bought:

A lot of the stuff I got from the Elisha Company when we were first starting and I thought that we could just do the Charlotte Mason method not realizing that my daughter did not learn that way.

One resource you enjoyed last year:

Story of the World is a great hit around here. We have learned quite a bit from that little storybook.

One resource you will be using next year:

We are hoping to start Prima Latina & Minimus next year.

One resource you would like to buy:

Those books Trivium Pursuit keeps talking about for church history. Trials & Triumph and such but I am afraid my children won't be ready for them.

One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading:

I really like the one put out by Memoria Press. There are always all sorts of interesting articles in there on classical education. It is really more of a magazine rather than a catalog.

One website you use regularly:

I spend a lot of time at http://www.thewelltrainedmind.com/ forums. But I learn a lot there.

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