Wednesday, February 7, 2007


This great PBS cartoon is all about math. When we first turned this show on it looked like just your typical cartoon and I kept it turned off for a long time. Then one day we watched it and my math-brained little girl loved it.

The episodes feature three kids who have been sucked into a computer to save the motherboard from the bad guy named, Hacker. They visit lots of great places within the cyberworld including ancient Greece, ancient egypt, the Library, and all sorts of other great places.

Each episode also features a math topic which is incorporated into the storyline. They touch on decimals, fractions, area, measurement, multiplication, money, etc. After the story is over they feature a guy or a girl who has a real math problem to solve in their life and their solution. All of it ties together.

We have learned quite a bit from the show about using math in everyday life.

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