Friday, January 12, 2007

Singapore Math Review

We have come back to singapore math after a 6 month diversion into the world of Rightstart math. My oldest is glad that we are back to something that is so clearly laid out for us. I am more confident in my abilities to teach her with these materials as well.

Rightstart is a wonderful program but spiral programs drive me & my dd crazy. Also, so much of Rightstart B & C is review but new stuff is mixed in so deeply that we didn't know what to skip & what to do. But we did learn how to use the abacus effectively for addition. I am looking at selling my Rightstart books & buying the AlAbacus books that explain the methods of using the abacus for various math operations.

Singapore is so nice now. We open the text and do the work in there together & then I let my dd do the workbook pages on her own. She loves all the puzzles and such and I read the word problems to her. She is making great strides in math again & not just sitting still.

I am getting ready to start earlybird with my youngest but rather than fly through the books we are going to take our time & really play with the concepts as they are brought up. We are also going to continue to use the Kumon books to explore the world of numbers together.

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