Monday, January 15, 2007

Our Daily Seatwork Schedule

I start our seatwork day working with my youngest first. We do Handwriting Without Tears and Kumon numbers together. Then my oldest comes to the table & starts her copywork page or HWT page.

If it is a copywork week we do First Language Lessons together which her copywork corresponds to.

I read the section of Story of the World or Story of the Pilgrims that we are on. While I read my youngest works on her Kumon maze & cutting. My oldest works on Kumon pasting and then they both either color the coloring page for the reading or work on the History Pocket activity for the day. If there is time I will read from Christian Liberty Nature Reader I.

Then I read through Singapore Earlybird Science with my younger daughter while my oldest finishes her creative projects. I work with my little one on letter sounds and then she is done for the day and it is time to focus on my older child. We try to fit in memory work here as well. We are working on books of the Bible and defintions from FLL.

We are taking a break from Spell to Write and Read right now and working through Hooked on Phonics Level 2. We read through the words for the day and then we write them into little books. We are doing phonics lapbooks. We have one for rhyming words and are now doing one for blends.

After phonics we work on Singapore math. I teach the lesson from the text and we work the problems on a small whiteboard together. Then I let her do as many pages in the workbook as she wants to. She generally does between 1 and 3 pages.

We are awaiting Singapore Science My Pals are Here 3a for my oldest and this is where we will work on this. And we finish out the day with piano practice.

Our schedules are always a work in progress but this is working for us right now.

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