Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Handwriting Without Tears

We started our handwriting journey with Getty-Dubay Italics but shortly after starting book A I realized that my oldest was having problems with turned letters. After talking to some moms at the Sonlight boards (we were using Sonlight pre-k at that time), we switched to Handwriting without Tears.

This program is lots of fun and great for the child who has trouble with turned letters or sloppy handwriting. I have used the pre-K program with my youngest and she loved it. It was very user friendly. Both my girls have used the K book and my oldest is completing the first grade book and is ready to go into the Printing Power book. They have two levels of cursive and a fifth grade book as well. Plus, they have a Hebrew Script book.

When starting the program at either the pre-K or K level we would play with the blocks on Monday, playdough on Tuesday, Magna-doodle on Wednesday and on Thursday we would work in the book. Once my children get the flow of things, we generally do hands-on one day and the workbook the next covering 2 letters a week.

Starting with the 1st grade book we generally do one page per day. This is either a letter page, word or sentence page.

This is a great program!

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